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In these passages, the writer speaks of the sacrificial system under the old covenant. In that system atonement for sin was made by sacrificing animals on a regular basis. Once a year the High Priest would enter into the Holy of Holies where the ark of the covenant was located. This High Priest would take blood from sacrificed animals to offer for himself and the people to atone for sins committed in ignorance. Intentional sins were not forgiven under the old covenant. 

For example, if a person committed murder, he would be put to death for his sin. The law that God gave to Moses covered a large list of sins and the punishment to be inflicted for each sin. Intentional sins could not be forgiven under the old covenant, but they can be forgiven under the new covenant in Jesus Christ. However, there will still be consequences for sins while the person is alive. 

A person may become ill for sinning. A person may even die early for serious sin. They may live in misery, but if they truly repent of the sins they have committed and believe in Jesus Christ, then their sins will be forgiven and they will go to Heaven. They will live spiritually after they die and their pain and suffering will end.