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In these passages is the account of God confusing the language of mankind. After the flood, all people spoke the same language and remained together as one group. In order to spread the population throughout the earth, God instilled various languages. People then formed separate groups according to their languages and settled in different areas. The Bible says that God next separated the land into different landmasses we now call continents. Gene pools were then isolated and different races were created. 

Also in these passages is the genealogical lineage from Shem to Abraham. The Masoretic version of the Bible leaves out over 600 years compared to the Septuagint version which predates the Masoretic version.  It appears that Jewish scribes altered the text in order to disprove or invalidate the priesthood of Jesus. I will address this later when the priest Melchizedek visits Abraham. 

When Abraham was 75 years old God appeared to Abraham and told Abraham to go from his father’s city, Haran, to the ‘land of Canaan.’ The ‘land of Canaan’ is the land that became Israel. Abraham obeyed God and took his wife Sarah who was 65 years old with him. Abraham was also accompanied by his nephew, Lot. They initially settled to the east of present-day Bethel and lived among the Canaanite population.

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