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In this daily Bible reading Paul tells the Galatian church that no person can be saved by the law which was given to Moses. The law was given to reveal sin. Before the law, sin was undefined. After the law, sin was defined, and the law had the effect of condemning people.

No person can perfectly keep the law, so no person can be free of sin. God is Holy, free of sin, and will not allow sinful people to live in his Heavenly Kingdom. Therefore, sin must be atoned for.

The Bible says that ‘without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of sin.’ Therefore, God provided for the atonement of sin through his Son, Jesus Christ.

The Bible also says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever believes  in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” Jesus’ shed blood atoned for the sins of those who believe in Him. We are covered by Jesus’ blood when we believe in Jesus and trust Him to guide us.

God made a covenant with Abraham that promised God’s blessings on Abraham’s offspring. However, Abraham’s offspring, Israel, broke this covenant and transgressed God’s law.

God made a new covenant through Jesus Christ, so that Abraham’s offspring may still be blessed. However, the requirement for receiving this blessing under the new covenant is to have Faith in Jesus Christ. This Faith will be evidence by one’s desire to obey God’s Law and live rightly before Him.