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In these passages, Paul continues to speak to the Galatians about the distortion of the gospel message. Some Jews who were converted to believe in Jesus were telling the church that men had to be circumcised in order to be saved. They were saying that belief and trust in Jesus Christ were not sufficient and circumcision was necessary. They were saying that new Gentile converts were not to be accepted into the church until they were circumcised. Even the Apostle Peter was hesitant to associate with Gentile believers who were not circumcised, not wanting to offend the Jewish believers. So, Paul even contended with Peter calling him a hypocrite. Paul knew that Peter did associate with uncircumcised Gentiles when the Jewish members of the church were not around. The leaders of the church, Peter, James, and John then agreed that circumcision was not to be a requirement for the new Gentile converts to Christianity.

The Bible says that we are justified by Faith in Jesus Christ, not by works of the Law. It is what is in a person’s heart that matters. True believers in Jesus Christ will be characterized by good works, though. So I guess the real debate about circumcision should be centered around the question, is circumcision which is a work, evidence of one’s Faith? If a person’s Faith compels him to do or not to do something and the Bible is supportive of the work, then I believe the person should follow his Faith and not feel that he or she is doing something wrong. If a believer does something, or makes a decision that he or she believes is wrong, then it is wrong and is a sin.