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In these passages, God continues to describe in detail the Temple which God wants Israel to build. There have been two temples in Jerusalem: Solomon’s Temple and the Temple built by King Herod. King Herod’s temple existed when Jesus was on the Earth. Neither of these temples fits the description of the one described in the book of Ezekiel. God told Ezekiel that this third Temple would be where God will reside with Israel. This is a future event. God further told Ezekiel that He wanted Israel to build the Temple exactly as it was described to Ezekiel. 

Today Israel is being restored to the land. There are plans to build the third Temple. However, there is a Muslim mosque that occupies the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Building the Third Temple will undoubtedly cause much furor in the Muslim world, but I believe it will proceed according to God’s plan. 

The Bible says that a person called the Antichrist will rule the world shortly before Jesus returns to the earth. The Bible says that for a brief time this Antichrist will occupy and desecrate the Temple. This would suggest that the Temple will be built before Jesus returns to the Earth. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the construction of the Temple commence very soon, within the next five years or so. When this happens, we will know that Jesus’ return is very soon.