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In this daily Bible reading God speaks to Ezekiel about the pending destruction of Jerusalem for their transgressions against God. God also speaks of the destruction of Israel’s surrounding nations for mistreating Israel and for delighting in Israel’s destruction. God told Ezekiel that He would destroy Ammon, Moab, Edom and the powerful trade city of Tyre. 

Tyre was a major seacoast trade city in what is now Lebanon. God said that He would destroy Tyre at the hand of Babylon and Greece, and that Tyre would never be rebuilt. To this day it has not been rebuilt. God also said that He would ‘bring Tyre down to the Pit, to the lower parts of the earth with those who go down to the Pit.’ 

The Bible says that there are two destinations for people after they die. One place is a place of joy and paradise. The other place is a place of torment and pain. One place is a place of light. The other is a place of darkness. The Bible indicates that the place of darkness is deep inside the earth. The place of joy and paradise is in the heavens. The Bible calls the place of darkness by various names: Sheol, the Pit, and Hell. It doesn’t sound like a place that anyone would want to go. I know that I certainly don’t want to go there. That is why I strive to live my life here on Earth in accordance with how God wants me to live. One has to read the Bible to know how God wants us to live. It’s that simple.