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In these passages, God through Ezekiel details the sins of Jerusalem for which they would be destroyed. The occupants of Jerusalem had basically broken every one of God’s Commandments which He gave to Israel through Moses.  Additionally, they were given over to a lifestyle that was sinful in God’s eyes. 

For hundreds of years Israel had a tendency of turning away from God. When that happened, God would punish Israel. Israel would then turn back to God.  However, now Israel appeared to be unredeemable. Even their Priests had totally turned away from God. There were also false prophets claiming that God was speaking to them about Jerusalem’s continued blessings and favor with God. Now, God was going to destroy Jerusalem totally and scatter the survivors throughout the world.

God would not restore Israel to the land permanently until Jesus would become Israel’s King. Jesus was to embody God’s new covenant with Israel. Israel’s obedience and favor with God would not be dependent on their following the old covenant. God’s plan was to establish a new covenant through his son Jesus who would personally atone for the sins of mankind through His death. 

In the future, Jesus will become Israel’s King and establish righteousness in Israel. Jesus will not only lead Israel, but He will teach them to live rightly. Israel will once again be favored and blessed by God. I believe this will happen very soon.