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In these passages, God through Ezekiel says that He will indeed punish both Israel and Judah for their transgressions and breaching God’s covenant. Remarkably, even as God was planning their destruction, He was also planning their restoration. God spoke of a new and everlasting covenant which He would make with Israel, and that He would one day restore them to the land from which they were to be banished. This new and everlasting covenant would be made through Jesus Christ. 

God said that He would one day put his laws into the hearts of the Israelites and that all would know God. That time has not yet come, but it is very close. When Jesus returns He will return to be King of the Earth. His government will be comprised of His true followers: those that have died and those that will be alive when He returns. All people will come to know God through Jesus’ teaching. 

Jesus, who the Bible says is the Living Word of God, will most likely establish a system of learning God’s Truths. I believe His administration will be so perfect and effective, that people will learn and be truly faithful to God. The world will be characterized by peace and harmony, and sickness will cease. People will live long and fulfilled lives while living according to the Word of God. This is truly a time for which to look forward with joyful anticipation.