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In this daily Bible reading Solomon, King of Israel and son of David writes about life and the purpose of living. God bestowed upon Solomon great wisdom, more than any other human being. He was also given great knowledge. However, this great knowledge and wisdom did not bring happiness to Solomon.

Solomon tried out all the worldly pleasures and had many possessions and great power. But he was not fulfilled with his worldly pleasures and accomplishments. Solomon said, “In much wisdom, there is much grief, and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain.”

Solomon perceived that this life on Earth is all that we will have. He believed that he would cease to exist physically and spiritually after he died. I believe that Solomon’s viewpoint matches many unbelievers today. Indeed there are many who do not believe in God. Nor do they believe in an afterlife. 

This is the plight of many very rich people who believe that their successes are due only to themselves. They do not perceive that God is necessary for their success. These people have much pride. They are on a slippery slope headed to Hell and an eternity in agony and pain.  Unless they believe in God, they will not be capable of believing in Jesus. They will not perceive themselves as sinful and will not be able to repent of their sins. 

The Bible says that unless a person believes in Jesus and repents of their sins, they will not be allowed into Heaven after they die. They will continue to exist and will experience pain and agony forever. Think about that.