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In this daily Bible reading is the account the Apostles converting more and more people to believe in Jesus. These people witnessed the Apostles’ powers to heal people of sickness and cast out demons.  The Apostles told the people that the Apostles received their miraculous  powers from Jesus.  The people therefore believed the Apostles’ teaching about Jesus.

The Apostles had great credibility in teaching about Jesus, and the people believed in Jesus. The Church was growing rapidly because of the Apostles’ miraculous powers and persuasion.

Today, we do not have Apostles with miraculous  powers.  However, we do have the Bible.  The Bible tells us the Apostles’ first hand experiences with Jesus. The Bible also describes how the Apostles expanded the Church.

I believe the Bible is essential in our walk toward Salvation. We cannot know Jesus unless we read the Bible. We cannot have Eternal Life unless we know Jesus.