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In this daily Bible reading is the account of Paul making his final trip to Greece and Turkey where he formed many churches. He encouraged the believers to stand firm in the Faith. He also told them that after he leaves to be on guard for those who are not true believers entering the Church and leading the Church astray. Paul said that these people would speak perverse things and draw away  disciples after them.

Indeed, this has happened in religion. Religion has corrupted the Word of God by introducing church doctrines and practices.  These doctrines and practices have superseded the Word of God, the Bible.

Satan has done perhaps his most effective work within religion.  He has deceived the masses and appealed to their natural superstitious nature.

People have become entrapped in the religion of their parents. Therefore, it is difficult for them to break free of their religion. They are trapped and in bondage.

Jesus came to set people free: both from the bondage of sin and from the bondage of religion. When one believes in Jesus, that Jesus is the living Word of God, they will read the Bible and understand what they read. They will be fed the Truth.  They will then be filled with the Holy Spirit and live a rich and full life as they progress towards Salvation and eternity in Heaven. Praise God!