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In this daily Bible reading is the account of Paul and Silas preaching the Gospel message in Philippi. Paul also cast a demon out of a servant girl who was able to do fortune-telling because of the demon. The servant girl made money for her masters with this demonic ability.

After Paul cast out the demon, the servant girl could no longer do fortune-telling. Her owner complained to the authorities. Paul and Silas were flogged and put into prison.

During the night in prison God caused an earthquake to open the prison door and release the chains of the prisoners. This gave Paul an opportunity to convert the jailer and his family to believe in Jesus.

This account reveals that God creates events that will enable His servants to share the Gospel message with others. These will not be events that we can predict. We must therefore always be prepared to share the Gospel message when those moments occur.

We must study the Bible daily and be ready. When we are so prepared, God will orchestrate the events and the settings to share his Word with others. Praise God!