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In these passages is the account of King David desiring to build a structure for God.  David wanted to build something more magnificent than the tent that contained the Ark of God. David’s son, Solomon, would build this structure using the materials that David would accumulate.  

God spoke to David and confirmed God’s support for David by blessing David and all that David did. God also recounted to David how He chose David, taking David from being a shepherd and elevating David to be King of Israel.

It seems that the shepherd quality is a quality that God honored and wanted His appointed leader of Israel to have. When David became King, he also shepherded the people of Israel. 

One day, Jesus will become the King of Israel and the world. Jesus also has the ‘shepherd quality.’ Jesus characterized Himself as the ‘Good Shepherd’ who protected His sheep from the evil around them.

Israel will one day have the best leader the world has ever known. Jesus will return to establish his millennial kingdom over Israel and the entire world.

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