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In this daily Bible reading is the account of Absalom seeking advice on how to pursue David. Ahithopel, Absalom’s counselor, advised Absalom to send 12,000 men that very night to overtake David and fight David while he was weary. It was good counsel.

However, one of David’s counselors, Hushai, had remained in Jerusalem to counter Ahithopel’s advice where possible. Absalom asked Hushai what Abasalom should do. Hushai countered Ahithopel’s advice saying to Absalom that Absalom should wait and assemble more men for the attack. He also advised that Absalom should join the fight.

As always, God was orchestrating events that would lead to God’s desired outcome. God orchestrated David’s restoration to the throne and the death of Absalom.

I watch with wonder at God’s methods to achieve His desired outcomes. God is so powerful that he could instantly achieve an outcome, but He uses people and natural methods to obtain results.

The Bible says, “God’s ways are not our ways.” His ways are above our ways. However, I believe His ways achieve results that endure and are more effective.

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