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In this daily Bible reading is the account of King Josiah finding the Book of the Law which had been displaced and not followed for many years. Josiah’s response was to tear his clothes and weep for Judah.  Josiah knew that God’s wrath would be poured out on Israel for turning away from God.

Because of Josiah’s response in turning to God,  God told him through a prophetess, Huldah, that God would delay Judah’s punishment until after Josiah’s death. Josiah then destroyed all of the evil alters and burned all the artifacts of demonic worship. He also killed all of the priests of the demons and burned their bones. He burned and crushed all demonic relics as well. Interestingly, Josiah did not burn the bones of the Prophet who prophesied about Josiah, though this Prophet had been buried near the alter which Josiah destroyed.

In this account all evil things were burned including the evil priests. But good people who died were buried. This raises an interesting question regarding cremation versus burial. People have asked me what the Bible says regarding cremation. It doesn’t say anything, specifically. However, all good people in the Bible were buried, including Jesus.

I personally want to be buried when I die, but I know others who want to be cremated. Interestingly I don’t know of a single believer who wants to be cremated. All believers that I know want to be buried. So, perhaps by example the Bible does have something to say about burial versus cremation.