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In this daily Bible reading is further succession of the kings of both Israel and Judah. All the kings of Israel did ‘evil in the sight of the Lord.’ On the other hand, most of the kings of Judah ‘did good in the sight of the Lord.’

God punished Israel for their unfaithfulness. They were oppressed by their enemies, especially the Aramaeans. However, God was patient with Israel. He had compassion on the people, delivering them from time to time. The Bible says, “The Lord did not say that He would blot out the name of Israel from under Heaven.”

In 722 BC Israel was defeated by Assyria and removed from the land. They never returned to Israel. It is my belief that they did not disappear as a people.  

There is strong evidence, that Israel eventually migrated to Scandinavia and England. I believe they became the Celts and the Vikings and eventually they became Scandinavians, British and Americans.

The Bible says that God will bless will ‘the seed of Abraham.’ Scandinavia, England and America have certainly been blessed.