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In this daily Bible reading is the account of three of Judah’s Kings: Uzziah, Jotham and Ahaz. Uzziah was a good king who reigned 52 years, becoming King at the age of 16. Jotham was also a good king who reigned 16 years. He became King at the age of 25, so he died at the relatively young age of 41. His son, Ahaz, became King at the age of 20 and served as King for 16 years, dying at the age of 36. Ahaz was a very bad king who worshipped demons.

God punish Ahaz, but He prospered Uzziah and Jotham. Uzziah was notable as King in that he built ‘engines of war,’ which were catapults for large arrows and stones. Uzziah became very strong and powerful, but he made the mistake of entering the Temple to burn incense. This was forbidden by God, as only the Levites were allowed to enter the Temple and burn incense. God struck Uzziah with leprosy, and he was a leper until he died.

When Uzziah became powerful, he also became prideful. That led to his downfall. The Bible says that God hates pride. In fact, pride is at the top of the things that God hates. We must be conscious of this and resist pride at every turn.

We must always be cognizant that whatever blessings and good fortune’s we have are from God. We need to give God the credit. We must never pat ourselves on the back for our own abilities. It is the natural thing to do. But it is a sinful thing to do. God will not reward us for our pride. He will humble us.