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In this daily Bible reading Paul tells the Thessalonian Church about Jesus’ eventual return to the Earth. Paul tells them that the true believers who have died will be raised to life and meet Jesus in the air. True believers who are alive will also be united with Jesus in the air. Jesus’ arrival will be accompanied by the sound of a trumpet, the trumpet of God.

In the book of Revelation, we are told that there will be seven trumpet judgments coming upon the earth. Each trumpet will symbolize or signal a form of death and destruction on a massive scale. The seventh trumpet is very significant.

The Bible says that when the seventh trumpet sounds, the spiritual kingdom of this world will be passed from Satan to Jesus. I believe that is the trumpet that will accompany Jesus’ descent to the earth with his believers. It will announce the beginning of His 1000 year rule on this earth. The believers that accompany Jesus will be part of His government. 

The Bible says that Jesus’ spectacular return will occur after the 3 1/2 year period the Bible calls the Great Tribulation. The Great Tribulation will be a period of massive death and destruction. Most of the world’s population will be killed, and many believers will be killed because of their belief in Jesus Christ. But the Bible says that those who endured in their belief until the end will be saved spiritually. They will be allowed to reside with God in His Heavenly Kingdom.