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In these passages is the account of Jonathan, Saul’s son, confronting the Philistine garrison with only his armor bearer at his side. Jonathan demonstrated true Faith in God by his actions. He knew that God was able to defeat the enemy with few or with many soldiers. Jonathan defeated the Philistines because of his Faith in God.

Saul, on the other hand, was not aligned with God as was his son. He made foolish decisions, such as forbidding his soldiers to nourish themselves until the battle was over. Saul almost put Jonathan to death for violating Saul’s edict, about which Jonathan knew nothing.

Later we see that Jonathan became the future King David’s best friend. Jonathan trusted God.  David trusted God.  The Bible says, “Their souls were knit together.” Such is the relationship between believers.

When a person becomes a believer, he or she is separated from the world’s values.  The world generally rejects believers.  Believers and non-believers are not comfortable around each other.  They are unable to converse about God’s Truths.

However, when a true believer encounters another true believer,  there is an instant connection between them.  There is a bond between them.  They delight in talking about the Bible and sharing their experiences as believers.  They encourage  and strengthen each other on their spiritual journeys.  It is truly a good thing.

So,  if you become or are a true believer, seek out other believers.  Pray that God will send believers into your life.  I believe He will answer that prayer.

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