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In these passages the Apostle, Peter, writes to the dispersed Jewish population the following: “Conduct yourselves in fear during the time of your stay upon the Earth.” We all are born with a sinful nature. Our natural desire is to give in to our lusts and sin. Unfortunately, we are not naturally motivated to change. Our only motivation to change comes from our belief in God and a healthy fear of God. Knowing that God is capable of sending us to Hell after we die should cause us to fear Him. Additionally, it should cause us to seek how to avoid being sent to Hell. 

The Bible gives us that knowledge and guides us in how to live our lives. Most importantly, the Bible tells us the only way to avoid going to Hell is to believe in Jesus. The Bible tells us who Jesus is and tells us how to believe in Him. This information is only found in the Bible. 

The Bible must become for us a daily companion. As we read and heed the Bible, God will sanctify or transformed us into the people that God will allow into Heaven. 

The Bible is absolutely essential if we want to go to Heaven. However, we must first believe the Bible to be true in order to understand what it says. We must lead by Faith. Then we will be able to understand and gain the knowledge necessary to walk the pathway that will lead us to Heaven.