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In these passages is the account of Solomon dedicating the Temple and bringing the Ark of God into the Most Holy Place. When the Ark was placed in the Most Holy Place a cloud filled the house. The ‘glory of the Lord’ filled the house indicating God was present.

Solomon then prayed to God in front of all the people, on his knees and with his hands spread toward heaven. Solomon, who was wise and knew of Israel’s potential to depart from God, asked God to be merciful and forgiving when and if Israel would sin against God. He knew that God would punish Israel for their sins.  Solomon  asked God to restore Israel when they repented and turned their hearts back to God.

All the things that Solomon prayed about have occurred to Israel. They have indeed been punished, and severely.  However, God has said He will restore Israel and forgive them.  God still deems Israel to be His chosen people. Today they are being restored to the land. Soon, Jesus will return to be their King.