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In these passages is the account of Solomon turning away from God in Solomon’s old age.  Solomon had married many foreign women who worshiped idols and demons. These women influenced Solomon to also worship idols and demons, violating God’s Commandments. Solomon even built high places of worship for the demons on the mountain east of Jerusalem.

God was therefore angry with Solomon and told Solomon that God would tear 10 tribes of Israel away from him during the reign of Solomon’s son. God also said that he would keep one tribe for Solomon’s descendants for the sake of Solomon’s father, King David, who was faithful to God.

This account reveals that it is possible for someone who follows God and who has been greatly blessed by God to turn away from God. God never takes away our freedom of choice, so we can always choose between good and bad.

Temptations to turn away from God will always be present in our lives. We must realize this and be prepared to resist and reject those temptations. We must discern between right and wrong. Therefore, we must know God’s Word, the Bible, very well to discern and choose correctly.