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In this daily Bible reading Paul tells the Corinthian’s that God’s Truths cannot be discerned or understood with man’s logic. Rather, they must be spiritually discerned and taught by the Spirit of God. The following example illustrates this.

Jesus said, “My body is real food, and unless you eat my body you have no part with Me.” When He said this, many of Jesus’ disciples stopped following Him. I’m sure they had visions of cannibalism and thought Jesus was crazy. However, what Jesus was saying needed to be spiritually discerned.

The Bible says that Jesus is the living Word of God. Therefore we eat His body by taking in the Word of God or reading the Bible. The Word of God nourishes us spiritually. It is our daily bread our spiritual food. It strengthens us spiritually just as real food strengthens us physically.

Therefore, we must read the Bible daily to strengthen our spirit in obeying God and worshiping Him. We cannot know who Jesus is without reading the Bible. We cannot rightly believe in Jesus without rightly characterizing Him. Reading the Bible is the only way to rightly characterize Jesus. I therefore believe that the Bible is essential to our Salvation journey.