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In this daily Bible reading is the account of King David telling Nathan the Prophet that David intended to build a structure better than a tent in which to put the Ark. However, God spoke to David through Nathan telling David that David was not to build the house for the Ark. Rather, David’s son was to build it.

God also said that He would establish David’s lineage on Israel’s throne forever. Some believe that this prophecy referred to Solomon, but I believe it refers to Jesus. Solomon did build a Temple. However, in the latter part of Solomon’s reign he turned to other gods and worshipped them.

Solomon’s heart was not totally dedicated to God as David’s was. Solomon’s Temple was destroyed. So, I believe the house to which God is referring will reside in the Millennial Kingdom in which Jesus will become King. I believe Jesus will build a magnificent Temple during His Millennial rule here on Earth.

The Bible says that Jesus is ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords.’ Jesus will become our King.  The Bible says that His Kingdom will not end. Praise God!