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In this daily Bible reading is the account of David and the Levites bringing the Ark of God to Jerusalem where David had prepared a place for it. David wanted to make sure that the Ark was properly transported according to the ordinances of God. It had to be carried by the tribe of Levi on their shoulders using poles, as commanded by Moses. David also employed musicians and singers for it was a festive occasion. David led the procession into Jerusalem. He danced and leaped with great joy before the Ark.

As the Ark came into the city, MIchal, David’s wife and daughter of Saul looked out the window. When she saw David dancing with joy before the Ark, she ‘despised him in her heart.’

This passage was significant to me this morning. First of all it indicates that these passages had to be inspired by God. Nobody but God could know the thoughts of Michal. Secondly, it demonstrates the attitude of non-believers, those who don’t believe in God or don’t like God. They have anger and resentment toward those who believe in and openly worship God.

I think one could safely say that nonbelievers hate believers. They will tolerate real believers only when believers are quiet and keep to themselves. However, when their belief become visible, resentment becomes visible. For example, nativity scenes have been removed from public places and prayer has been removed from schools.

Believers must not become discouraged when there is pushback from non-believers. They must rather stand firm in their Faith and glorify God with their lives.