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In these passages is the account of many from all Israel’s tribes coming to David at Hebron to support him to be King of Israel. With them David amassed very large army of 340,000 soldiers from all tribes.

After the Philistines, who had previously defeated King Saul, heard of David’s being anointed King, they set out to march against Israel. When David heard of it he first inquired of God as to whether he should go up against the Philistines, who evidently were very strong. The Lord responded to David, “Go up for I will give you them into your hand.” So, David and his army engaged the Philistines and defeated them.

It is significant that David first inquired of God before acting. In fact, David usually inquired of God as to what he should do before embarking on any significant action. God would respond to David, giving David guidance and instructions. This should be an example for us to follow in our lives.

When we are contemplating doing something significant, we should pray to God for his guidance in the matter. We may not hear a verbal response, but God will create situations that will give us our answer.

The Bible says that God ‘directs our steps and establishes our plans.’ I have experienced this in my life. Opportunities appear that enhance my desired outcome. Also, roadblocks may occur that deter me from an action. The important thing is to place my trust in God for the outcome and never alter my thoughts words or deeds from what the Bible indicates is right.